An unexpected self-portrait

Regardless of whether you call yourself a photographer or not (I don’t), the usability of digital technology has made photography far more accessible to the common hoards than before. Looking at many tourist locales, the sight of masses of people trying to up one another on getting that awesome shot sometimes becomes the attraction in itself.

I recently hosted two friends who are just as photo-crazy. I found myself bemused in watching them, especially when their obsession is on taking photos of food. I would wait a good while after our meal is served for the ladies to finish their photographic frenzy.

It took only one meal to spot the opportunity. I turned them into my subjects. Enjoy the photo journal!

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Thank you many times over to ellenita and Tingers for being such good sports with great senses of humour and for letting me post this up on my blog.

After watching them over several days it occurred to me… I probably look like that, too! They just were so amusing to watch especially since both of them do the same things, magnifying the effect.