I say French Press, you say what??

A conversation between my B&B host, hostess, and me in New Zealand:

Hostess: Would you like some more coffee? We have more in the plunger.
Me: The what??
Hostess: [holding up a stainless steel pitcher]
Hostess: The plunger. Have you seen these before?
Me: I don’t know. What does it look like inside?
Host: I think you Americans call it a French Press.
Me: Oooh! Yeah, I know what it is. Wait. You call it what??
Host: We call it a plunger in New Zealand.
Me: [laughing so hard I almost fall out of the seat]
So, what do you call the household tool you use to unclog the toilet?
Host: [sheepishly] A plunger, too. Honey, we’re called this a French press from now on.

And, to add on top of that, I was compeltely overtaken by laughter for the rest of the morning. Wanting to know what brand of coffee was popular with locals, the couple showed me the packaging for the one they served me.