Evaluate the Photo #1: Milford Sound

I realized this has become more photo blog than anything else. And that many of you are fellow photographers.

For the longest time, I resisted called myself a photographer. I don’t have skill and dedication. I just happen to wield a camera more often than not. But when my harddrive of photo archive was stolen, I was emotionally devastated. I found myself bereft. That’s when I realized just how emotionally attached to my photography I am.

So as I start labeling myself as someone who is serious about my photos.. I want to start soliciting feedback. On anything. Composition. Technique. Perception. Interpretation. Please don’t hold back.


This photo was taken at Milford Sound, South Island. New Zealand. Any thoughts? I personally found it too busy but am please how clear the sun came out.

A-Z Archive II: A Challenge

Starting round two for the A-Z Archive, I have decided to focused on physical locations. Each letter will be a place.

A for Auckland, New Zealand.

What better way to experience Auckland than watching the match between All Blacks and Wallabies? I got a ticket that was a last minute release from unoccupied press box seating. What a view!

Nikon D80, f/5.3, 1/30s


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