Evaluate the Photo #1: Milford Sound

I realized this has become more photo blog than anything else. And that many of you are fellow photographers.

For the longest time, I resisted called myself a photographer. I don’t have skill and dedication. I just happen to wield a camera more often than not. But when my harddrive of photo archive was stolen, I was emotionally devastated. I found myself bereft. That’s when I realized just how emotionally attached to my photography I am.

So as I start labeling myself as someone who is serious about my photos.. I want to start soliciting feedback. On anything. Composition. Technique. Perception. Interpretation. Please don’t hold back.


This photo was taken at Milford Sound, South Island. New Zealand. Any thoughts? I personally found it too busy but am please how clear the sun came out.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

A favourite topic of mine!!

Not my best sunset photo by a long stretch but brings wonderful memories. We heard the Muslim call to prayer in the middle of Cairo, with the chant sounding off like dominoes around us while the sun started to set.

This photo mystifies me… I don’t have the experience or skill to know how I managed to be lucky enough to capture the sun with such clarity and definition.

Nikon D80, 1/500s, f5.6


I also offer you a second photo of the same sunset, with a different camera. To me, this shows how powerful the point-and-shoot cameras have become.

Canon PowerShot SD900 point & shoot

Envy my view

I have no bones about making you jealous. Of many of my social circle, I can- and do- brag having the best view from my apartment.

So I see gorgeous sunsets pretty much daily, the rainy season yielding more dramatic colors with clouds.

Along with approaching storms:

Or really bad smog.

And most recently, where the fires are.