A-Z Archive II: D Challenge

Deck. We were enjoying the view of the beautiful water and skies on a pier in Naples, Florida.

I almost missed the view. I was overdressed in slacks and decided to wait at the entrance to the pier, drinking my coffee. My parents came to fetch me, telling me I am missing an experience. Indeed, I almost missed a show some wild dolphins put on for the entire beach.

While I was sitting in the shade, I watched animal patrol come to take away a massive pelican. It took a while for the human handler to win the battle of wills and stuff the feathered enemy in a small cage.

Seems that despite the large crowds, the land and ocean still very much belong to the animals.


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A-Z Archive II: C Challenge

China. How things change in a decade. My first time in China, I was a teenager. My parents never let us out of their arms’ reach. We were ordered to keep our mouths shut and quiet when we were in crowds. Dad hired a taxi driver to be dedicated to chauffeuring us around for the whole trip. We were bundled and rushed in and out of the car straight to the sightseeing points.

I went back to Beijing more recently on my own. I meandered around, even at night. Took the subway to get around. Loitered in the park to watch crowds of elderly people listen to traditional opera and dance. And instructors lead groups of tai chi.

Much has changed. But I don’t think it’s just China.

So have I.


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A-Z Archive II: B Challenge

Beer Festival!

Even though it was an intra-EU flight, German police were standing on the ramp as we deboarded the plane, asking us to present passports. The officer I walked up to asked me why I was in Munich. For Oktoberfest, of course! He gave me an amused eyebrow-raise and bid me to enjoy my stay.


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