Year in Review: 2011

This has become an annual tradition. I hope you readers enjoy this as much as my family and friends do. It has been a whirlwind year.. took me hours of scratching my head and trying to remember what I was doing each particular month of the year.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

I am so stoked to be living in the four-seasons climate again. I was so crushed to have missed the first snowfall. My colleagues didn’t get it. As a cold weather girl, winter is a wonderful season of holidays, family and friends, and snow. Oh, snow.

This picture embodies my perfect winter.Taken on the top of one of the trails in Whistler, Canada. Snowboarder is my cousin, looking like he is saying, “Oh my god. I have to go down that??” He was actually also taking a photo of the view.¬†

This is one of my favourite photos. I actually use this as a signature photo now. It was an earlier instance that boosted my confidence in photo taking.

Facebook: It’s evil

I knew in going to Myanmar that my access to media and Internet could potentially be non-existent. If I had any, my activities may even be monitored. But I was curious and wanted to test, a little, the limits. So I brought my laptop, which I could use to at least sort and edit my photos as the trip progresses.

My findings?

gmail: access denied.
hotmail: access denied.
wordpress: access denied.
facebook: *bing* How’d you pull it off, Zuckerberg??

postscript: I asked a guide about how he accesses his Internet when he mentioned he uses gmail. By using “https” vice “http,” all the above sites, I could access.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-portrait

For someone who frequently wields the camera, I have deliberately few. I’ve used many ways of taking self-portraits. Mirrors, shadows, timers, fish eye lens, strangers, you name it.

One I love is photographing¬† a view with my feet poking in as if to say “And, here I am.. ”

This one, I had waded into Lake McDonald at the Glacier National Park, Montana. I was looking for a better angle for some of my shots and found the water also comfortably cold and clear for a sunny day. I looked down (which many people don’t do often enough) and saw a beautiful array of colorful rocks in the lack bottom.

Nikon D5100, f/8, 1/250s

Myanmar: Summary in Photos

I am especially proud of this slideshow.. The photos aren’t necessarily all the ones I consider the best from the trip. But the selection well represents each area, each aspect of Myanmar that caught my interest and held my fascination. I hope you have a moment to sit back and enjoy.

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