Ten things about taxis in Bangkok

In no particular order but basic knowledge for taxi-riding in Bangkok.

10. Never get in a parked taxi. Flag one down.
09. Insist on the meter. Unless you know you’ll get stuck in traffic.
08. Thais do not know how to read maps. Keeps yours in your pocket.
07. Tolls you pay. And they are worth the expense.
06. Drivers drive like crazy on the toll roads because they rarely have to chance to drive at speed.
05. Many drivers can’t read. Not even Thai..
04. But carry a Thai business card of your hotel/residence, just in case.
03. Always pay attention to the route.
02. Keep your mouth shut when the driver drives down the opposite traffic or does some illegal stunt. He’s getting you to your destination faster.
01. If in an accident, get the dodge out of there. Otherwise it’ll be your fault no matter what.