Tourists suck, Part 2

Thailand is barring snorkeling and diving in a lot of historically popular marine parks. I am not a diver, but even this is big news for me. I love water in general and in principle. I find being near water reinvigorating and reviving.

What bothers me more.. take a look at this except:

[Marine biologist Niphon] watched horrified as a group of tourists swimming and snorkelling broke and destroyed the live coral.

Seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY?!? What is wrong with people?? Just because they are traveling to a country with less restrictions means they can willy nilly selfishly do that?? Shame shame on them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

Sure, I have many pictures of the ocean and more of the ocean shoreline and gorgeous views. But I decided to put this one out. In Bali, by one of the most popular tourist sites, a temple on a rock that looks isolated on its rocky island when it is high tide. We got there at low tide.. and were disgusted by the sheer amount of garbage lying around. The ocean is an integral component of the Earth. It is home to much of life. And it is the source of livelihood to many humans. But it is only as good as we are to it. It could have a beautiful view and a shot, but we ruined it ourselves. Shame on us.