Which part of the body would you like?

I confess I don’t know my meats very well. Beyond “pork” “chicken” “beef”… Beyond the obvious like “wings” or “knuckle” and the dreaded “liver.” I don’t know exactly what a fillet is. What part the tenderloin is. Or sirloin.

I still found myself a bit overwhelmed.. and very puzzled when shopping for meat at the store last night. Looking in the pork section, I encounter a selection of “pork belly” “pork leg” “pork neck” “pork shoulder” and “pork fillet.” Self-explanatory enough if I had known what I had been eating to begin with. The fillet looked like a tenderloin. Not that that helped me understand it better.

How about the poultry section. “Middle wing.” I thought they had only left and right?