Year in Review: 2012

I put one of these slide shows each New Year’s (see 2011, 2010).. but with this week’s Photo Challenge topic, I’ve decided to publish this year’s a few days early.

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As you can see, I had a fantastic year. Hope you all did to, and that 2013 would be a continuation of a wonderful adventure.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Were I lucky enough to be a maths teacher in Europe, I would be holding my lessons on geometry in these houses of religion. I find it ironic that  historical scientists and mathematicians faced persecution when their subject matter made building these gorgeous buildings of worship possible.

Trinitatis Church. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nikon D5100, f/5, 1/10s

Sulimaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Nikon D5100, f/3.5, 1/50s