You know it’s bloody hot when..

… you get on the elevator with a Thai fanning himself desperately complaining it’s hot.
… you find out he is only one of a whole native population whining about the climate.
… your car door locks stick.
… the Skytrain is jam packed all day and night.
… Thais walk 1/4 of their already slow speed.
… it takes longer than usual to get service and no one cares.
… first thing you want is a cup of hot water.
… you see Thais sweating more than you do.
… Thais are even more fidgety than you about trains arriving late.
… the sweat stink has surpassed the garlic breath in crowds.

Summer is here and not a soul is happy about it in this region.

Thunder alarm

The rains have increased in both frequency and intensity lately. The one overnight last night was probably the worst so far… it was enough to jolt me awake and make me feel like I was back on the shores of a Wisconsin lake, on the camping trip where we lost all but one of our canoes. Albeit without the tent tipping over and getting completely drenched.

If it was able to wake me up when the police couldn’t, that’s saying something.

The worst was the humidity that followed. People like to say the rain “washes away the heat.” Not necessarily. Depending on the time of the day, the storms make the ensuing humidity more oppressive. Especially if the sun is coming out strong after. When the morning commute had tons of Thai locals carrying hand towels to wipe their sweat as they wait for the Skytrain… *cringe*