Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Peaceful can be a state of mind, regardless of your surroundings. After a month of preparation and two days of maddening chaotic moving and packing up my home, I found myself sinking down with relief in my very quiet condo. It seemed so eerily quiet.

Peaceful lasted for about 2 minutes. The truth is I mistook solitude for peaceful. As I sat there in silence, the reality of packing up my life, leaving my family and friends- my support network- and changing my entire life starting sinking in. 5 minutes later, I was seized by mild panic about and deep sadness for the enormity of what leaving my home country was going to mean.

It has been years since I’ve seen the inside of my condo, my true home. This picture now reminds me I still have a roof to put over my head, a place that belongs to me. No matter how exciting my jetsetting lifestyle seems to many, the truth is it made me more aware of how important home is and that I actually have one. If I ever tire of living abroad or if I ever get frustrated enough with my job, I can always simply pack up and come back there to reassess my life. How much more peace of mind can one get than that?

Envy my view

I have no bones about making you jealous. Of many of my social circle, I can- and do- brag having the best view from my apartment.

So I see gorgeous sunsets pretty much daily, the rainy season yielding more dramatic colors with clouds.

Along with approaching storms:

Or really bad smog.

And most recently, where the fires are.