Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

My submission:

Caption Contest: What would you write?

How would you interpret? (my comments to follow in a later post)

Here are a few to get you started:

I regret not taking the lens cap off.
Dark regrets
I regret sleeping through the event.
I regret missing it.

Humidity, post-script

I spent most of this past week in Singapore for work. Which I enjoyed immensely. More on that in another post. Within the first day of arriving, I read in the local paper that the Australian athletes are arriving into town, to start acclimating themselves to the weather, the climate, and the time zone… and that the Americans amongst other teams are expected to show up by the week’s end.

Folks, Singapore isn’t humid. Not after living in Bangkok for almost a month. In fact, I didn’t break a sweat until half-way into my trip. The teams have it all wrong. They should have sent their athletes to the extreme, to Bangkok, made them suffer in misery, irritation, so that by the time they got to Beijing, it’s cakewalk.

Which brings to mind the one city I should have included in my comparison:
Beijing 72%

Well, I guess Singapore is pretty comparable. There is logic.. I’m sure Singapore has better facilities, better air quality, better understanding of how to cater to the athletes’ needs. But, wimps!