Year in Review: 2014

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I’m changing things up from previous years. While I did travel a lot with enough photos to represent each month, this slideshow represents my year quite well. It was my last.. and only.. full summer in the UK. While I’ve lived there for a while, I’ve been away for business each summer. Knowledge that I was leaving, having less work as I wound down, and finding a perfect travel partner were all elements that lined up perfectly to give me my UK summer. Boy, did I see a lot. Enjoy and get a taste of my summer.


Year in Review: 2012

I put one of these slide shows each New Year’s (see 2011, 2010).. but with this week’s Photo Challenge topic, I’ve decided to publish this year’s a few days early.

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As you can see, I had a fantastic year. Hope you all did to, and that 2013 would be a continuation of a wonderful adventure.