Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

I’m a simple person. My tastes veer to bread over caviar. Water over champagne. Train over jet.  My mother said I was the easiest child to feed, as long as I was the only one being fed at the moment.

My tastes have translated into my lifestyle. Even with all the travel I do, simple and frugal is the theme. So finding myself in a 5 star hotel in Penang that came with a butler call button is nothing but a splurge and indulgence of a long weekend.

By the way, I found every little excuse to push that butler call button. “Can I have some ice” (not that I need any). “May I have some scotch tape?” “How do I turn the A/C on?” Just because I can.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

My submission:

Caption Contest: What would you write?

How would you interpret? (my comments to follow in a later post)

Here are a few to get you started:

I regret not taking the lens cap off.
Dark regrets
I regret sleeping through the event.
I regret missing it.

Year in Review: 2011

This has become an annual tradition. I hope you readers enjoy this as much as my family and friends do. It has been a whirlwind year.. took me hours of scratching my head and trying to remember what I was doing each particular month of the year.

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