Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

My submission:

Caption Contest: What would you write?

How would you interpret? (my comments to follow in a later post)

Here are a few to get you started:

I regret not taking the lens cap off.
Dark regrets
I regret sleeping through the event.
I regret missing it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

I am so stoked to be living in the four-seasons climate again. I was so crushed to have missed the first snowfall. My colleagues didn’t get it. As a cold weather girl, winter is a wonderful season of holidays, family and friends, and snow. Oh, snow.

This picture embodies my perfect winter.Taken on the top of one of the trails in Whistler, Canada. Snowboarder is my cousin, looking like he is saying, “Oh my god. I have to go down that??” He was actually also taking a photo of the view. 

This is one of my favourite photos. I actually use this as a signature photo now. It was an earlier instance that boosted my confidence in photo taking.