Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the airport
Not a store was open, not even a food court;
The passengers are milling about without a direction,
In hopes that one convenience store would be a distraction;
The children are screaming in their restlessness;
While parents are flustered with helplessness;
And airline agents keep counting to end of light,
While the crews rush to their last flight,
Mom and I gratefully slink into the lounge and forgoe
The choas while we bid farewell to Santiago.


Feliz Navidad, peeps!

2014 Check up: Bucket List 2012-2015

I was silent on this last year, so it’s time to resume this check  in my progress of my current Bucket List.

The 2012 List

– Malta
– Istanbul
– Wales

The 2013 List

– Istanbul again
– Yosemite Park – aborted by extenuating circumstances. Personally, I think Westin/Starwood should be treating me to this lost vacation.
– Sweden
– Czech Republic

The 2014 List:

– Wales again
– none other. Alas. Well, not really. I spent the time in other locations.

So, what do I have left?

– Oregon Coast
– Nantucket
– Martha’s Vineyard
– Acadia National Park

I will have to already postpone the following. Yet, I don’t regret anything. I have hardly been sitting still, after all.

– Spain
– Kilimanjaro
– Sicily
– Ireland

And then there are people who are plain jerks..

I can be frugal, to a fault, although I like to think that has faded with my time overseas, and possibly also with a growing savings account. I’ve been known to cut coupons, wait for the sales.

Thanks to my mom, I even go to supermarkets for price adjustments if something goes on sale a day after I made a purchase. My mom is even more hardcore- she remembers prices and spots mistakes in charges before she even leaves the store.

But, this guy is beyond over the top.. and just a plain jerk, don’t you think? I can understand being surprised by the price.. but should have just stopped with with $4.



I think I’m in the mood for some Chinese the next time I’m in town.. and willing to leave a $4 tip. $12 if it’s a big order.

Read the full article on Although you gotta admit, the emails really say it all.


Postscript: Apparently that article went viral. Follow up:

– Response from the restaurant to the public outcry: Now, that’s just the epitome of class and grace.
Thanks but no thanks.”
Response from the professor: Sometimes, it’s best to just recognize when you’re wrong.
I’m sorry.”