Bucket List 2012-2015

I’ve had so many conversations when people would exclaim “That’s in my bucket list!” (or is it “onmy bucket list”? Any English teachers out there?)

I have a life list.. things I want to accomplish in my life. Not quite a traveler’s bucket list. So it’s high time I write a bucket list down. Instead of casting a wide net to make it over my lifetime, I’ve decided to create for a few years at a time.. sort of as a checklist to help me knock off the destinations.

So for 2012-2015. You may wonder why I pick three years. Simple.. it’s the near future when I know I will be overseas.. and ties it to milestone age years for me. No, I’m not saying which ones :)

In no particular order:

– Sweden
– Malta
– Spain
– Kilimanjaro
– Istanbul
– Sicily
– Wales
– Ireland
– Czech Republic
– Yosemite Park
– Oregon Coast
– Nantucket
– Martha’s Vineyard
– Acadia National Park

Think that’s a long enough list for a start?

One thought on “Bucket List 2012-2015

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