All Aboard! Traversing the North Dakota floods

Remember the North Dakota flooding of spring of 2011? We went through them.

Amtrak had raised the tracks just weeks before after being closed for a while. The train couldn’t maintain regular speed, having to slow down to a literally crawl as I watched kids bike past.

Some of the standing water came up to the track bed. Other areas that have dried looked abandoned with water marks up above the garage door tops. Cars littered dirt mounts, sitting askew and rusty. Our quite crowded train god very quiet as the passengers took in the sight. We could practically hear the imaginary harmonica music from the scene of an empty Wild West town street streaming through each others heads.

Our news media cover international natural disasters.. and more often than not, the reporting comes with the subtext of “look at those poor countries.” Yet, right in front of our eyes, in our own front yard, we saw destroyed livelihoods and homes.

For all the advances we made in technology and living, Mother Nature likes to remind us that we’re not really in charge here.

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5 thoughts on “All Aboard! Traversing the North Dakota floods

  1. Oh boy, I’m getting ready to travel coast to coast with Amtrak shortly, and I’ve already seen them post about delays due to speed limitations because of the excessive heat. Not sure i know what that means, but I’m beginning to worry!

    • The flooding shouldn’t be a problem anymore (this was last summer). But we were 8 hours late going through North Dakota. And there’s only one train each day each direction. So a lot of waiting for everyone all around. I’m fine with delays. They didn’t announce nor were they able to estimate.

      • Oh dear, that doesn’t sound like any fun. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for smooth sailing – I have a connection to make in Chicago, so I’m hoping that the train arriving into Chicago isn’t delayed! Wish me luck! :)

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