Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

I’m a simple person. My tastes veer to bread over caviar. Water over champagne. Train over jet.  My mother said I was the easiest child to feed, as long as I was the only one being fed at the moment.

My tastes have translated into my lifestyle. Even with all the travel I do, simple and frugal is the theme. So finding myself in a 5 star hotel in Penang that came with a butler call button is nothing but a splurge and indulgence of a long weekend.

By the way, I found every little excuse to push that butler call button. “Can I have some ice” (not that I need any). “May I have some scotch tape?” “How do I turn the A/C on?” Just because I can.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

  1. I heard a story told by Stephen Fry about the Queen Mother.

    Her TV in Buckingham Palace broke down so they sent to Harrods for a new one. It had a remote control!

    That was a new thing back then.

    So her servant showed her how to use the remote but she said she preferred the bell.

    The ‘bell’ was what she rang when she wanted her servants to come in and change the channel.

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