Why I never pack well


20 kilos. Who the blazes crams all the ski boots and clothing and regular week’s worth of stuff in 20 kilo. Why don’t they just let us check a boot bag in as part of the extra charge for checking in a ski bag??

Ah. The ski pants. Haven”t pulled these out in ages. Years in fact. Wonder if they even fit. Goodness knows my weight fluctuates. *rustle* Ah. Like a glove.

Gloves! Oh, those. Remember them. Must remember where I last put them. Brought them with me to Norway when watching the Northern Lights.. where did I store them when I unpacked?

Here they are. Oh, the neck warmers. Hat, do I need one? Or two? How about a casual one for the evenings? Toss, toss, toss, toss.

Oh, dinner is ready. (Walk away)

Wonder what new blog entries are there? Why is this telly channel playing? Where’s the remote? Food not warm enough. Reheat in toaster oven a wee bit longer. At 300, yea? Where was I?

Remote. Yes. Where are those darn contraptions? Couch. TV stand. Under the couch. Dining table, ah, voila! What makes a good background channel? BBC? Sky? ITV? Fx. Perfect.

Food warm yet? Plate. Must remember to unload the dish washer. It’s soft and gooey. Looks about right. let’s take out a piece. Yumm. almost ready. Eating this piece anyway.  Sit down. Oh, look, email from prodigal brother! No, the 23rd won’t work, brother. Stop changing your mind.

Ahh, food. Next piece. Ouch. A little hot, eh? But perfectly juicy. Just right.

Ah, Brother again. Seriously?? You are complaining that I schedule our weekend with the parents on St Paddy. We’re not even Irish. I’m coming from Europe. Talk about twisted priorities, geez.

Gonna finish the meal before I get grumpy. Ah, turn off toaster oven.

What on earth is showing on the telly? Ugh. switch switch. Where’s the remote?

Email! Oh, furniture. Right. Getting some delivered Friday. They want full payment. OK. Gotta get that done tonight.

Still sweaty in gym clothes. Perhaps shower and toss the outfit along with the load of work out gear in the wash to run? Hm, a shower sounds so good right now. Worry about payment after.

Ahh. What a nice long hot shower does for the soul. My aching muscles. What possessed me to sign up for a personal trainer?? OK, laundry. Toss.

Cripes. All the clean loads I didn’t fold. And the hanging rack. Fold. Fold. Shelve. Hang. OK, whew. One less pile on the group. Drats. Delivery Friday. Need to clean up this foyer to be somewhat presentable. Argh. So many things. I shouldn’t have wasted away my Sunday. Regret. Regret. Regret. How’s that for the weekly topic?

Dishes. Oh, drats. Gotta pack lunch. Let’s see what’s in the fridge. Got rice, meat. Argh. No cooked veggie dish. Sigh. Leeks. Let’s stir fry some up for tomorrow. Where’s the lunch tupperware. Empty the rice and scoop some pork. Pan. There. Heat up the stove. Cutting board. Leek. Wash. Geez, so much grit in this one. Clean, cut. Dice. Cook. Oooh, that smells soooo good. Tomorrow’s lunch is going to be yummy. Empty pot into lunch.

Argh. So many dishes. Wash. Look at all that tupperware. Why did I buy so much? Store. More pots and pans. Wash. Oh, the lunchware from today. Where did I drop all my bags when I got in? Foyer. Oh, the gym bag. Must empty and pack fresh set. Lemme do that while I remember.

Clothes. Most of the gym wear in the washer right now. I *must* have at least one more set. Ah, yay, just folded from the drying rack. Top, bottom, inside. Grab grab. Stuff, stuff. Wow. I actually am getting a lot done tonight.

But, man, look at my bedroom. what a mess. Worse with the suitcase sitting in the middle. Suitcase. Oh, packing. drats. Let’s unpack the lunch bag and finish the dishes first.

Lunch bag. Unpack, wash, load. Store tomorrow’s lunch in the fridge. Ah.

Oh. Money. Drats. Need to do an international transfer, too. OK, US-UK. Argh. Have to wait a few minutes for the money to show up before making payment.

I keep tripping over this ski bag! Oh. Right. OK, let’s pack the bag at least. So, technically nothing else allowed in the bag other than skies. Blah. I’m going to push the limit. The bag has zero padding anyway. One layer of clothing wrapped around. Pants. Where are the ski pants. OK, wrap around the bottom. Top.. Thermal layer. Oh cute. Let’s top the tips with the hat and neck warmer. Haha. That’s funny looking.It will do nicely. Middle. Ugh. Haven’t used in a while but binders can be greasy. What can I put? Ah. Yes. The outside layer ski coat. That works nicely. Wax in the pocket. Zip up. Tie the ends. Let’s hope they don’t stop me and throw a fuss about the clothes. It’s not that much. If they do, I can stuff in carry on.

Oh, the actual suitcase. Maybe should start organizing. What *is* the weather going to be like anyway??

Back to computer. Oh yeah, pay for furniture. Log on. Why are these systems so slow? Blah. OK, pay. Wait, no, that’s not right. Transfer scheduled for 17/2? What’s today? Why is my computer so slow? Date. That’s all I want to see. 15th. Just as I thought. Cancel, try again. Doh. It’s after business hours. Sigh. Email vendor, let him know to expect payment 12/2.

Weather. Oooh. Snow. That’s a good thing. How much snow? Oh, look at that. Snow disrupts transportation in the area. Well, good for us next week. As long as roads clear up then.

Ah, cozy spot in front of telly. I’ve been good. Haven’t actually watched anything today yet. Let’s see what I have on my recorded list. Got time for one before bedtime. Oh, blankie, get warm.

What else can I do on the computer. Ah. Blog!

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