Weekly A-Z Archive: E Challenge

E for eternal and everlasting love, legacy, architecture, and , as demonstrated in the building of the Taj Mahal.

My first sight of the Taj, remained the most impressed in my memory. Apparently that sentiment is shared by the pile up of visitors, Indian and foreign, entering the compound through these gates.

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9 thoughts on “Weekly A-Z Archive: E Challenge

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  3. Included in my “places-to-go-before-i-die” is the Taj Mahal. It’s really a monument of everlasting love. We are still feeling that kind of love when we view it, and with that alone, Emperor Shah Jahan has succeeded in this edifice.
    Thanks for the great photo!


  4. That’s a nicely framed photo of the dome :-)

    It looks like you had one of the dreaded oil spots on the sensor when you took it :-(

    • I do! :( You know it. I have tried again and again to remove it and with no avail. I have since gotten two other models, but neither is as good as the D80, in my opinion.

  5. I have had the same on both my Canons – I use Lenspen and that seems to work very well. You can remove it in post processing in Photoshop using the Spot Healing Brush and I guess most other processing software products have similar tools. Hope hyou’re able to defeat it – the D80 is a very good camera.

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