Yodel Delivery Service: Customer review

I lived in a country that many consider still developing, in Asia. But for those countries, sometimes the business go the extra mile to secure your business. Sometimes it’s because labour is cheap, and sometimes they just do it the way it should be done.

Here, in the UK, it ain’t so peachy. My rare negative post: a rant on how some people work (or don’t).

I am expecting a package. A mattress, actually. I’ve never had a foam mattress before, but I suspect it comes folded up, so it would be a large and heavy box.

Below: I have copied the status progress of my delivery (sanitised for privacy, mine)


5 Jan: I purchase the mattress
6 Jan: Vendor emails shipment notification


On 17 January, it occurred to me that the package should have arrived by now. But I haven’t received any notices, saw any cards left. So I dug out the shipment notification email and looked up for tracking information. And I found this. They have tried, a few times, during the days.

Delivery tried,awaiting instruction  17th Jan 2012 11:22
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction  16th Jan 2012 11:23
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction 13th Jan 2012 08:17
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction  12th Jan 2012 08:40
Delivery tried,awaiting instruction 11th Jan 2012 17:58
No One To Receive Card Left 11th Jan 2012 13:39
Out for delivery 11th Jan 2012 07:02
No One To Receive Card Left  10th Jan 2012 14:20
Out for delivery  10th Jan 2012 07:55
Passed to courier for delivery.  9th Jan 2012 16:05
No One To Receive Card Left  9th Jan 2012 14:55
Out for delivery  9th Jan 2012 06:28
Arrived At Depot  7th Jan 2012 06:28
Parcel data received awaiting coll. 6th Jan 2012 00:00

I never received a card. I called the delivery company to explain the card must have been lost. The response I got? If I live in a block of flats, they are not obligated to leave notification cards as boxes tend to disappear that way.

I then asked if they really tried that many times because at 7am I was most definitely home. No, “Delivery tried” really was just them scanning the box to confirm that the package is at the service center. Only when they say “Out for Delivery” was it an indicator that it was loaded on a lorry to deliver to the address.

Just how was I supposed to know then? I could check the webpage obsessively, but as a busy person with a job and life, I happen to be busy and it wasn’t foremost on my mind. Odd how that happens. I called promptly as soon as I found out, which was on my own realisation.

Fortunately, the service representative was “accommodating.” They will schedule a specific delivery day for me. Fair enough.
– Weekends? No.
– Evenings? No.
– Mornings? They cannot guarantee a delivery time.
– What on earth can they guarantee then? That delivery window is between 9am and 5pm.
You’ve got to be kidding me.

Let me get this straight. Delivery only on the weekday at banker’s hours. But if people live in a flat, there is no notification. Must be a lovely business model, not having any accountability for service to professionals living in city limits. Considering that London alone makes up almost 13% of the entire UK population.

Fine. I’ll meet half way. I’ll take a day off to wait for the package and catch up on chores. What’s the window again? According to the website, because the vendor didn’t specify a specific hour, the delivery company has the freedom to delivery anytime between 7am and 9pm. So limited chores then. I can’t get the massage I’ve been postponing. I can’t go to the gym. I can’t even go to the post office to drop off my package or the dry cleaner. Given my streak of bad, luck, it probably won’t even arrive until 6pm.

Here’s the update on the tracking system:

Delay on courier route.  23rd Jan 2012 18:00
Out for delivery  23rd Jan 2012 07:48

This is beyond my streak of bad luck. This is plain bad performance. Really? The day we agreed on?

I called the service center many times through out the day. Even the postal service can estimate delivery to an one-hour window. And they can’t even cut that delivery estimate from 14 hours to, say, 6 hours? No. Can they contact the driver? No, they don’t have that information. Can they guarantee the driver is obligated to deliver by the end of the day, barring accident and inclement weather? Well, he is supposed to.

My last call was at 1830, after the last-to-last call resulted with a service representative suggesting I call after 1800. The final call, I wanted to warn the driver that the gates to the compound close after a certain time and to call me if he encounters that. The service agent said, “Oh, they would not deliver at 7pm, anyway.” He continued that since they exceeded the contracted delivery attempts, my only recourse would be to pick up the package from the service centre myself.

I don’t know about the rest of you but when I am told I am getting something delivered to my home, I expect it to be reasonably close to home if not right at my front step. I do not find the notion of hitching across town to tow a mattress home reasonable. If I were going to do that, I would have save on delivery and time by driving directly to the store to pick up my items myself. Not depend on an inept delivery company that
1. Doesn’t leave notification cards in flats,
2. Isn’t able to deliver within a specified 14 hour window,
3. Doesn’t deliver outside banking hours,
4. Doesn’t know which lorry the package is on, and
5. Limits delivery attempts to three unnotified tries.

I’m livid right now. I rarely rant on my blog. I lost a whole day of work. So those wages, compounded with being tied in my home and unable to run errands, this has come to be the most expensive mattress I could possibly buy. I don’t think that’s justifiable. I refuse to take another day off from work.

One thought on “Yodel Delivery Service: Customer review

  1. OMG That’s terrible…I would get in touch with trading standards, I’m quite sure you have some kind of recourse, you should even be able to claim for lost earnings….things like this drive me potty….I will excuse you, your rant, you’re allowed!!! Chin up.

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