Weekly A-Z Archive: C for Camel

Though what on earth a camel of all animals is doing in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is beyond me.

A bit closer to their natural home.. I can’t help wondering if this pair eventually made themselves famous in the Cairo uprisings.

Nikon D80, f11, 1/500s

Finally, this photo makes me chuckle. A friend and I got the obligatory tourist’s camel ride across Giza for a view of the pyramids. The friend has a wariness for camels. I was beginning to doubt we would go for the ride at all, which I am not terribly attached to myself. The camel handlers try to convince us it is perfectly safe and that the camels will not bite. Nothing, though, prepared us for the sight of who our guide would be and the expression on my travel companion’s face when she saw.

Nikon D80, f13, 1/640s

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12 thoughts on “Weekly A-Z Archive: C for Camel

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    • Haha. My friend was really nervous. She actually has been bitten by a camel before! And those camels sure can turn their necks. The more they rubbernecked as we rode, the more nervous she got. It was quite funny.

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