Weekly A-Z Archive: B for Boys

Background: With the new year, Daily Post, the 2011 source of weekly photo topics, was slow in producing a topic on the first Friday. Fellow blogger frizztext stepped up to the plate and offered to lead a weekly photo challenge, to find a photo from our archives, choose one based on the alphabet, each letter for each week. Daily Post eventually produced a topic. But that point, a group of us have been inspired by frizztext to continue on the alphabet challenge.

b, for boys. Taken in Sinai, Egypt. I had been celebrating a milestone birthday with a climb up Mount Katherine, Egypt’s highest peak. The final leg of the descent, my guide and I stopped at a local Bedouin camp where a family was gathered. Despite being a lone Westernised woman walking into the home of a conservative culture, they welcomed me with open arms, a welcome pot of sweet tea, and a photogenic pair of boys, cousins. I showed the boys how my cameras worked and they lit up to see their faces on the playback screen. They tumbled and wrestled but frequently glancing up to make sure I was still photographing them.

Nikon D80, f6.3, 1/160s

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