All Aboard! The Biiiiiiiiiiig Apple!

New Yawhk Citee! It’s an obvious East Coast stop, and a required one. Most west-bound trains leave from NYC. I never tire of New York City. I am not sure if I would live here, but as a visitor I have never been in want of anything.

The commuter train I took into the city was packed. As any train going into NYC, I suppose. I’ve taken the Accela before, but this is a regional. It’s comfortable enough. Seats recline slightly. Leg room is not lacking, not where you desperately beg for the premium economy for an extra 3 inches of space they call “six.” The quiet cars are not truly quiet, but people know to keep their mobile conversations at a lower tone. No one talks to each other, only to the mobile. The demographic ranged the entire spectrum from a very neatly dressed elderly woman to thoroughly pierced teenagers holding their skateboards. Not many sported large heavy suitcases such as mine, making luggage storage space a little easier to claim.

Highlights of the city I enjoyed that evening:
Chicago musicale. Broadway enthralls me. I am a big fan of musicales. Living in Asia has deprived me of this entertainment venue for too long. I am a bit surprised that I’ve never seen this particular one, especially since I lived in Chicago for a while. Maybe I just didn’t remember seeing it, the memory of the movie having overtaken any recollection. Oi. I am getting old.

– The world is crazy about Serendipity on E 60th Street and its froze hot chocolate. As for me, I prefer the larger neighbour, Dylan’s Candy Bar, and its hot chocolate selection, made of real rich chocolate chips. There is no shortage of chocolatiers in the city, but Dylan’s hot chocolate is a bargain compared to the specialty stores. (Skip the store, though. The ice cream parlor is the part worth a visit)

– Some random closing camera store. Going out of business. That’s when you started seeing photos from me using the Nikon D5100…

My stopover was very brief. Really just a night’s sleep before the next leg of the train ride.. a tortuous uncomfortable red-eye.

3 thoughts on “All Aboard! The Biiiiiiiiiiig Apple!

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