29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

  1. Great photo of expectancy. I love that in the middle of your chaos, one thing is consistent – the camera/tripod on the balcony. Can tell what your priorities are :-)
    Here’s to your future and to 2012. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you, Kate. Teehehehe. I had a camera set up in each room. My intent was to piece together photos and videos into a movie about the move.. an intent I never got around to following through. The movers thought I was recording them to make sure they behave. I didn’t try to correct their perception. ;)

    • Thank you, Patti. So appreciate your kind comment. Traveling is my lifeline. And this blog let’s me share my adventures with you :)

    • Thank you, frizz! I’m already in it. The photo is 6 months old. I have finally feel like I made my current residence into a cozy nest.

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