27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

    • The funny thing is the locals like him are used to it. it’s everyday life for them. And a jaw-dropping sight for foreigners like myself.

    • Thanks, Robin. I’ve seen crazier, too! Just haven’t been able to capture it. My favourite is watching a moto carry a HUGE pane of glass.. and weaving about. these guys have no CLUE!

    • I do, too! One sad thing I’ve learned about these developing Asian countries- if the products broken, chances are the employee would have to pay for the damages. And many can’t afford such expenses.

  1. Looks like the bike is “between” all that coke. I hope he can balance all that while he is driving around. I would fall and break all those bottles.

    • At least he has a helmet. I wouldn’t be able to balance, myself. I’m already horrible on a regular bicycle with no load!

    • Indeed! Common sight, it is in many developing countries. And humourous for those of us who know we would never be allowed to pull such things off and what would happened if we tried!

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