Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

We were stopped completely on the highway for two hours due to an accident. When there’s an accident in the UK roads, they shut down the road(s) completely. Unfortunately for this day, it was a bad one. They also ended up stopping the traffic in the opposite side so there would be enough space to land two medevac helicopters.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

    • I prefer to wait in traffic than in a medevac. We got out and strolled around a little (car wasn’t going to get stolen anywhere!).. but avoided following the flocks who went up to watch the emergency workers at the accident. Some part of me feels that even if the accident victims can’t see, they need to be given their space and privacy.

    • Indeed, Jo. When I get stuck, I just try to remember that someone is likely seriously hurt or worse. However, seeing that the UK completely shuts down the road, even a multi-lane is a bit og a surprise to me.

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