Things you don’t think about when you have a maid

I refrained from talking about hiring domestic help because, as an American, I see having a maid as a frivolous status symbol. As an expat living in Thailand, it is the norm. It took me a while to get over my reluctance to let in a stranger and hire a part-time maid. It took only one day of her working for me to be converted.

1. There will always be a clean towel on the rack when you step out of the shower.
2. Dishes do magically disappear from the sink and end up clean in the shelves.
3. Trash cans never overflow.
4. Walking barefoot at home is the norm because your feet stay clean.
5. Shower soap scum doesn’t exist.
6. Toilets never stain.
7. Fridge contents don’t turn into green science experiments.
8. You will never be left with a toilet roll that has only one square left.