It’s summertime!

I am moving.

I suddenly found myself hit with the same pangs of excitement, freedom, and unknown as I faced at the end of every academic year. As students, we knew the new year brings a lot of new changes, the summer a whole time of freedom. It felt like a lifetime ago.

I am leaving Asia, after an awesome three year stint and changing venues to Europe. Now that I have less than a month to separate and organize my excessive clutter, deal with movers, wrap up loose ends at work, scan and store my life documents in a single flash drive, finish my must-do-list, I’m feeling the crunch and the denial of leaving has finally absconded. I’m hopping excited about the next chapter of my life, but beginning to realise all I will miss.

The best part is I have a summer vacation. One month of absolute freedom. Mornings to sleep in with no alarm clocks to set. My home is leased out so I will be staying with my parents. A month has the potential of us driving each other up the wall since it’s been a while since we’ve lived under the same roof for that long a length of time.

I realised in my three years as an American abroad, to many locals, I represent the United States, both willingly and unwittingly. I then realised that compared to all the parts of the world, especially Southeast Asia I had the opportunity to visit, I have seen a pitifully small portion of my home country.

It’s time to remedy that. I will spend a chunk of my new-found free time to do a cross-country drive. I want to hit the national parks. I have come to appreciate how geologically diverse the United States is. And how incredibly well-maintained, preserved, and clean it is. Now, it’s time to visit the parks.

Readers: While you will see a change of locale in my future posts, I still have a huge backlog of Asia posts to send. Asia photos are always completely in the running for the weekly challenges. I do, however, appreciate any and all feedback to what you enjoy reading so I know what would be of interest.

3 thoughts on “It’s summertime!

  1. How fun!! For geology, I can recommend Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, Bryce Canyon and of course the Grand Canyon. Utah is amazing. Idaho is surprising, being streaked with under and above ground lava tubes.

    So many terrific places to go. I hope you have a great time!

    • Awwww.. you had to mention all the ones I want to go but may not be able to! I’m beginning to truly appreciate how freaking large the United States is. In order to hit half the destinations I want at the thoroughness I prefer, I need two years! Yellowstone and Grand Canyon I have seen. Yosemite is big on my list but now I may have to stick to a route straight westward across the northern part of the country. We’ll see. What do you think of National Glacier and Badlands?

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