Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

Whew. I love the water. A majority of my sports involve water. I live and breathe to be near bodies of water. So this challenge was difficult because I just couldn’t decide!!!

I ended up picking photos from New Zealand. I’m copping out a bit. While I will submit only one post for the challenge, I am posting two photographs, albeit from the same country. One is to highlight my practicing how to photograph textures and colours. And one because it’s exactly what comes to mind when I read “water.”

Fox Glacier: Ice caves in the glaciers that yield some of the most refreshing water I’ve ever drank. So much so I filled up three Nalgenes with glacier water for the next few days.

Nikon D80, f/7.1, 1/200sec

On my first day, I was searching for a place to picnic.. the parks around the area don’t seem to like to furnish the lots with any picnic tables or benches! Then I found the perfect spot- on the dock overlooking into Lake Rotorua. The only thing that came to mind between my bites of cheese and crackers? Life can’t get any better than this.

Nikon D80,f/8, 1/250s

Topic provided by Daily Post.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

    • Thanks, doris. Here’s what makes it even more amazing: it was exactly how it looked. It didn’t require any photography skills on my part. The clouds reflected that clearly on the water.

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