Sparkles: What flavour are you?

I really don’t like cupcakes. Until a friend introduced me to Sparkles cupcake shop in Bangkok. I still don’t like cupcakes, unless it’s from Sparkles. When the office has parties or birthday celebrations, I’ll huddle in my corner, partaking in the obligatory singing and cheer, but nursing just my mug of coffee, passing the desserts with a polite smile. I’ve always considered the cupcake a boring yucky creation housewives made up as an easy food for birthdays and bake sales. Until now.

Sparkles is created and run by Sophie, a Thai American, who started experimenting and creating her cupcakes in response to the lack of good baked goodies in Bangkok. She bakes from scratch and uses the real fresh ingredients. No I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter here! Her cakes come out moist and tasty. The flavours come through distinctly, especially the frosting.. incidentally, I found out wholly by accident they taste fantastic when kept at room temperature (versus in the fridge). Gooey frosting is soft and spreads easily across the cake.

Over the past year, the variety of flavours have grown exponentially. Sophie also has branched out to cookies, cheesecake, cakes. I am a person of simplicity, so I prefer her signature cupcakes. Don’t get me wrong: all the other stuff are yummy, though; I’ve been seen walking away with a cookie or slice of cheesecake in addition to my box of cupcakes.

Sampling of flavours (daily selection varies- call in advance if you want a specific special):

The Classics:
– Marble (Vanilla and Chocolate)
– Black Diamond (Chocolate Chocolate)
– Onyx (Nutella)
– Pink Sapphire (Strawberry)
– Lemon and Poppyseed
– Ruby (Red Velvet)

Some seasonal ones:
– Emerald (Green Tea)
– Opal (Pineapple)
– Garnet (Apple & Cinnamon)
– Topaz (Tiramisu)
– Yellow Diamond (Mango)
– Pumpkin

Sophie: I know you don’t give out lists of flavours anymore but I’m a packrat and I still have some of the old lists you used to hand out!!!! :p

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Photos Courtesy of Tinger, a fellow cupcake lover

Sparkes can be found on Sukhumvit Soi 53, right at the entrance to the soi by Sukhumvit intersection. Beware: You’ll probably get addicted. Did I mention I don’t usually like cupcakes?

2 thoughts on “Sparkles: What flavour are you?

  1. tee hee… I didn’t know you’re a cupcake hater! Sophie’s must be pretty good to make you a changed woman!

    • Hey now. Hate is a strong word ;) I am seriously reconsidering my position on cupcakes. It’s not that I actually hate them as I find them usually lackluster. You know, the typical betty crocker box with preservative-laden frosting out of a can. I tried Cakelove in DC and I didn’t care for it. And it’s so easy to mess up- overbake and dry up- a cupcake. I had always rather opted for a slice of a big cake rather than an individual serving of cupcake. Sophie’s are the first cupcakes I ever had out of scratch, I believe.

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