Restaurant Review: Sher-e-Punjab

Phnom Penh I don’t consider a place of culinary delights. However, the city has its share of surprising options.

Sher-E-Punjab is a narrow little restaurant with a bar in the back as if it was originally built for a pub. It’s not surprising given it’s location right off the riverfront pub crawl. The dark red lighting coming through the glass front certainly doesn’t make it a place people enter based on appearances.

The food is heavenly. Just heavenly. You smell all the spices in the air as soon as you walk in. I’m one to try a different dish every time I revisit a restaurant. This place, I stopped. Nothing I had was ever bad but when one set dish particularly stands out, it would be a crying shame to not have it. It make seem like I exaggerate, but the daal is the best I’ve had outside India. Heck, it’s better than most that I had in India.

Daal. Not a particularly glamous dish, no. Rather plebian. It’s lentils. But I find it is often overcooked, too dry, or not blended well. So, while I love daal, I usually order it as a side dish. Not here. it’s my main and only dish. The nan comes in huge pieces for one order, making it more carbs that I get from a normal bowl of rice.

Maharani and handi are particularly week cooked here. The Maharani is a bit greasier but that gives it a more smooth texture, otherwise the flavour is similar. The depth of flavour is amazing.. even after swallowing, the spices tingle in my mouth. The cute little bucket it comes in is just icing.

All for 5 bucks.