It’s all good until you see too much

I hope you enjoyed my slides of Songkran photos. Now, storytime.

Remember this little kid?


Ahh. So thirsty..


We were standing off the side in an unofficial no-fire zone, behind a food stall. This kid’s mom ran the the stall. Bored, and likely wanting to join in the spirit of playing with water, he started cupping water out of the water replenish barrel, dumping on (and mostly missing) his head. As we watched him, he processed in his mind that he was thirsty and started tilting his head back even more, with his mouth open.

Mom sees that and shrieks. Ahhhh!!! Don’t drink the water, silly pants!!

She hustles around to serve another customer. Kid keeps drinking. As he stopped just to play with the water, his sister (probably just three years older) comes by to play with him. She looks in the barrel, sticks her arms in. Her arm comes back out, with a little one-inch fish in her hand. Dead or alive, I don’t know.

From that point on, I was sure to keep my mouth closed as I got drenched.