Restaurant Review: Crepes and Co.

As far as my limited knowledge goes, Crepes and Co. the only specialized creperie in town. At least a dedicated one.

Two locations, one very conveniently near where I live. The other deservedly a taxi ride away although one could argue that it is BTS-accessible. The one closer to me, on soi 12, is a little house with patio outdoor sitting that has a garden and a tropic feel to it (yes, we already are in the tropics, but with the mini-palm tree leaves over the head kind of thing).

Three times I’ve been to this restaurant I have yet to repeat an order. I don’t see how anyone can get enough of crepes. I do find that I prefer assembling my own crepes, a popular option. It’s also a fantastic brunch option, coming with either breakfast sets of a crepe, toast, fruit, yogurt or with traditional a la carte items like French toast (seems so wrong…), pancakes or waffles, or toasted breads.

I don’t know how I ever got it in my head I can have only one crepe each meal, leaving a anguishing decision of whether the savory or sweet part of the meal should be honored with a crepe. I finally got over that hump. Three crepes? As long as I’m not stuffed beyond belief, bring it on!

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