Glaciers: Franz Josef and Fox

I had no idea what to expect. When I see the word “glacier” I imagined a large sheet of white ice, clear as a brand new snowfall. I don’t know why.. I just did.

The first realization when looking down at the glacier from a helicopter was how broken up it looked.. like a wrinkling drying caking surface of what probably used to be a smooth white surface, 1000 years ago. There looked to be more cracks and crevices than even surface. Sure, some white, but also some blue, more gray. A lot of dirt that have carried down with the ice movement.

The blue surprised me. Deep hues of blue came from pure ice. Snow is white but ice turns to blue water. We clambered out of the helicopter and onto the ice for a hike. The blue ice caves were the most awesome of the glacier sights. The water was the biggest attraction for me. I brought an empty water bottle and filled it up with pristine melting glacier water. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. One forgets this is aged ice.

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