Restaurant Review: Grossi

Firstly, their website ROCKS. They scanned the entire menu with the prices. It’s such a simple thing but a lot of restaurants do not give price ranges. As someone who often plans dinner gatherings in a large city, it is a pain to get restaurant information to prepare the attendees on budget, cuisine style, dress code, etc. When many Italian restaurants in the city tend to posture themselves as fine dining institutions, diners want to know they will need to pay $100 for a meal before they commit. Ok, off the soapbox.

The restaurant is well decorated and set up. Set on the ground floor of the Intercontinental, smack in the middle of the city’s busies intersection. The glass windows made the place feel airy and spacious, yet the well-places display shelves and walls shielded dinners from the view of the congested street and sidewalk. The first thing that struck me was the black and white color pattern. Classy, modern, yet traditional. It make me feel like I walked into a large kitchen.

The menu is surprisingly small, featuring classics. I ordered the special, a pork chop, but found it a bit dry and boring and my attention completely distracted by after this hunk of cheese the waitress was carrying back and forth between other tables ordering cheese. Places like this remind me how I am missing out on some Western delicacies.

The real highlight was the tiramisu. Served in a mug, the tiramisu comes creamy, rich, and light, yet the syrup was distinct without being heavy sugary sweet. I’d go back just for the dessert.

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