Deer, Dad, and bananas, seriously

I took my parents to Ancient Siam (previously named Ancient City).. For all the park offers, it was the petting zoo that got my parents’ attention. A petting zoo of deer, not a truly common animal sighting in Southeast Asia. And what were they fed? Bananas. Not their natural diet, clearly.

I admit even I had fun.. watching the deer eat bananas. The park sold bunches of slightly over-ripe bananas. Dad eyed them.. then quietly said “I’m hungry.” So we bought a bunch for Dad, and fed a couple to the deer to appease his guilty conscience. After watching the deer, I then realized they don’t want the bananas! They only want the peel. Had I figured that out earlier, I would have peeled and fed both Dad and the deer and made them all happy.

Watching the video of the deer working through the bananas still makes me giggle. Enjoy!

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