Hanoi traffic

Hanoi Old Quarter has the scariest traffic I ever encountered. It is chaotic like Phnom Penh, only massively crowded with too-small streets. All sorts of traffic move at every which direction. Pedestrian, rickshaws, vehicular, motorcycle, bicycle, and whatever else that can move. There never is a break enough to cross the road in peace. The only strategy one can employ is to just go. Just walk at a slow steady pace, don’t make eye contact, and everyone will somehow move around you.

In an attempt to help you visualize… I present you both a video (taken by me) and a nice composite of photos taken and put together by my brother.

They weren’t kidding when they said bring ear plugs.. for when you’re walking.

2 thoughts on “Hanoi traffic

    • the rolled up somethings in the video? Probably not laundry per se, but looks like something fabricy. It’s probably something better than laundry, like a mattress. We saw ALL sorts of stuff being carried by motorcycles in Vietnam. It was comical! I’ll have to post up some pictures.

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