Ten random facts about me

Welcome! I know/hope I have gained some readers as a result of the 2011 blogging challenge. Thank you, those who have commented. Rest assured, I *am* reading your blogs as well. Taking a leaf of the Facebook trends, I figured now is a good time to throw a personal post about myself.

I am intensely opinionated. Perhaps it has been the primary reason I remain single. I pick sides quickly. I try to modulate my tone in blogging, not so much because I an afraid to offend (I’m not), but because I constantly remind myself that while I have opinions, as a traveler, I learn, see, experience, but not judge. I am passionate about where I stand, but attempt to keep an open mind to new things.

Joking does not come naturally to me. I have always been a very serious person. I take teasing well enough. I smile and laugh easily. I enjoy hearing jokes and stories but I can’t crack one myself. I am better the audience than the entertainer.

I am terrified of swimming in open water. The thought of fish snaking their way and brushing up against me gives me goose bumps. I average 1.5 miles on each swim work out. In. the. pool. I love the water, more so if it’s chlorinated. In natural bodies of water, I prefer to be on rather than in the water.

I am a family person. I love my family deeply. I’m very close to them. There is very little I won’t share with them.

I have a soft spot for old street hawkers. If I see someone old enough to be a grandparent toiling away selling nickle bracelets or bushels of corn, I will buy some. I have huge respect and sympathy for someone struggling through backbreaking work when they are at a stage of life where I would rather they be sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch, bouncing a grandchild on each knee.

I don’t do hostels. More specifically, I don’t do dorm-style living. I *did* stay at “hostels” in New Zealand but only because they had en-suite facilities. I am too old to be padding down a hall of strangers to brush my teeth.

I love food. But I don’t have an astute palette. I can’t pick out spices well. I can’t name what distinctive spice makes a particular dish delicious. I still love food, anyway. I can still differentiate between good and bad.

I never go anywhere without my iPod Touch. It is my best traveler’s tool. I can browse the internet at a WiFi spot. I can play games to kill time. I can listen music to tune out annoying surrounding sounds. I can take notes to myself.

I have short attention span. I am famous in one of my previous jobs for holding meetings that don’t go over the 45 minute allocated time. I wouldn’t be sitting there on the 46th minute anyway.

I am an introvert. Traveling and living abroad has been huge factors in drawing me out and making me more extroverted. But I can disappear at close of business Friday evening and not re-engage with society until I go back to work Monday morning and be OK with that.

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