Restaurant Review: La Table de Tee

As someone who studied French, albeit horribly, for six years, I cringe hearing how people around me pronounce the name of the restaurant. The only word we agree on is “Tee” the name of the chef who runs this joint.

La Table de Tee is an awesome awesome find. Tee is a professionally trained chef, hailing from Thailand but studying the culinary arts abroad. He brings back his knowledge by crafting a set menu of Thai-French fusion dishes.

It takes guts but his restaurant offers set meals only. No a la carte ordering. And the menu changes reguarly. That takes work. I applaud his confidence and courage, neither of which is unfounded because the food is absolutely heavenly. Elegant, yet unpretentious. The textures contrasted one another, the flavours and seasoning distinct without being overpowering.

The night we went, we had the following menu:

Tiger Prawn Cream & Sweet Basil Soup
Crab Tortellini & Garlic Salad
Salmon & Coriander
Hot Basil Risotto
Chicken & Lemon
Duck & Thai Cinnamon
Bananas Parfait & Coconut
Peanuts Macaroon & Marshmallows

Unlike many set menus, the portions were not tapas-size. Rather, they were at least twice without being too heavy or too much. The courses were served over an unhurried pace, allowing you to linger and savor the flavours. Even after the licked-clean plates were wisked from under your nose, the staff would wait before serving the next course. By dessert, we were full, but not disgustingly so.

Sadly, I had to cancel my last reservation. As I promised the manager, I will be back, though.

Book in advance. This places seats only about 40. They don’t take walk-ins. Because they never have the space.

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