2011: Glimpse into the future (planning)

OK folks.. I’m going to break out of my normal mode for a bit. I’ll announce where I intend to hit this year for my travels.. so you then can hit on me to blog about those trips.

Three places I want to go to:
Lombok: I love Indonesia. I find the people genuine and open. And openly curious. It is the one non-English country where I find myself being engaged in most conversations with locals. They want to know about me but not just “where you come from?” but what I do, what I like, what I am.  And they are as willing to reciprocate, talking frankly about their family, their lives. Yet, their questions are friendly, not intrusive. I haven’t been to Indonesia in a while. It’s time to go back.

Myanmar: I don’t make this choice lightly. I waited a long time before adding this to my list of destination. I have mixed feelings. I don’t want to support the military junta. And I do worry about the wisdom of my visiting the country. Ultimately, I decided not to open the door of choosing destinations based on politics. Safety is utmost priority but beyond that I want to simply see the world.

Yosemite Park: This one isn’t just Yosemite exclusively. I realised, upon moving and traveling abroad, how shamefully little of the grand ol’ USA I have actually seen. I finally visited Yellowstone last year- er, the year before last now. I grew up just outside the Freedom Trail and never traveled the route in its entirety.  It’s time to reacquaint and acquaint myself with my heritage. What better way to do so than take a cross-country road trip, hitting the major national parks?

Well, folks, that’s a quick view into what I hope to accomplish in the first half of 2011. Yep, just the first half. There are so many other places I intend to hit in the latter half but I haven’t planned that far ahead. The fact that I even have this much planned is already startling and out of character for me. Now, you can hold me accountable to tell you about those places.

Happy New Year, everyone. So, what do you have in store for your year?

2 thoughts on “2011: Glimpse into the future (planning)

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