Take your time

Yesterday was Thai Constitution Day, a local holiday. Figured I’d celebrate my time off, right? Instead, I had spent all afternoon yesterday in the ICU at a hospital.

I wasn’t the patient, fortunately. A friend was in an accident early this week. He was in surgery for all day earlier this week to patch up and reset his multiple broken bones all over his body. While not life threatening, his injuries are extensive and serious. They kept him in the ICU all week.

He was hit by a tuktuk when crossing the street. Fortunately, his date was a sensible girl with a good head on her shoulders. She got the police to write up an official report when they planned to dismiss it as a stupid farang incident. She called the hospital directly to pick him up. Then she managed to call one of us to report the accident.  He was extremely lucky in an unlucky way.

A freak accident that could have happened to anyone in broad daylight. I am reminded that, statistically, for all the crime and atrocities in the world, our biggest danger is the simple vehicle-related accident. It could happen in the Stop & Shop parking lot in Boston or it can happen in a Bangkok street. So next time, folks, look twice before crossing the street and don’t be in such a rush to get somewhere.

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