Believe in ghosts?

I cannot begin to describe how superstitious Thai people are. Many Asian cultures, for that matter.

Excerpted from the BK Magazine, in the “Last Week in Reality” column, 1 October 2010 edition.

22 WED
In Phitsamulok, a woman days her missing daughter appeared in a dream to reveal where her body is. Somjit Jitprajak, 55, has a daughter Ratree Thongdee, 21, married to Senee Thongdee, 27, who regularly visits her home. Two months ago, Ratree stops visited. Senee tells Somjit that Ratree has run away from home and that he has filed a report with the police. After four months, Somjit dreams about her daughter, who tells her that her body is buried under the mango tree behind her house. Somjit and her neighbors dig under the tree and find nothing. On Sep 21, Ratree appears in Somjit’s dream again, asking her to dig a little deeper. In the morning, Somjit and her neighbors return to the tree, dig further and discover a woman’s skeleton. Senee is now in custody and is considered the prime suspect.

I am speechless.

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