Buddha Park

I’ve never been in a haunted house.. if you don’t count the Girl Scout Halloween party where the troop moms set up a hallway with the usual spooks and scare tactics. No credit? Figured you’d say that.

So I can’t make the metaphorical comparison between haunted house and the Buddha Park, Xieng Kuang, in Vientiane. So I’ll say I would imagine this is the reaction I get out, had I been a haunted house goer.

The park has a huge structure by the entrance that looks like an enormous pumpkin, albeit made of concrete. Inside was a collection of the most eerie statues, collecting dust in the dank musty area inside. The lonely halogen lights hanging in there. The ring of statues on each level collected so much dust and cobwebs they had a look of being much much older than they really are. Seriously, how can these eyes not spook you?

As eerie as the “pumpkin” is.. we had a great view of the odd park from the top of the structure.. and great fun posing silly photos at the entrance. Really, given that it is not a religious site, just the relic of an eccentric religious man, one has to have a free pass to goofing off a little.

It does irritate me that while it costs a mere 5,000 kip to get in, plus a 3,000 kip camera fee.. the tuktuk fare of 150,000  felt rather exorbitant. Considering that several buses passed us, I’d recommend going that route.

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