Signs of going native in Bangkok

I will never pass as a Thai, nor will I be able to think like one. However, two plus years in Bangkok, I’m beginning to notice signs of adapting to the local lifestyle.

  • Thais pass me on the sidewalk, sometimes clearly exasperated by my slow pace.
  • The food cart vendors automatically know what I will order.
  • I stop fighting the system.
  • I called the chaos a “system.”
  • I am told I drive like a local and it doesn’t bother me.
  • I eat khao soi gai as post-workout food.
  • I stop comparing.
  • I stopped being shocked (surprise still happens).
  • I laugh more than I fume.
  • I’ve mastered the “whatever” smile, the “whatever floats your boat is fine by me” smile, the “I’m hating this” smile, the Mona Lisa smile in addition to the natural genuine smile. Hint: it’s in the eyes.

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