Chocolate, a girl’s best friend

I used to buy chocolate everywhere I go. Until I came to Asia. Good chocolate is just not the norm around here. Which makes The Chocolate Shop in Phnom Penh such a surprising find. The boutique Belgian chocolate store makes their own chocolates on-site. I found them by accident and have been revisiting the store each time I am in town since.

Part of a small chain of café shops on the same street, the Chocolate features a respectable range of chocolates, from white lime to dark pralines. My favorites are the pralines. The pepper a disappointment. The kampot pepper was too roughly ground and not blended in well, making the center feel like someone force-fed a whole spoon of nothing but pepper. Otherwise, the chocolates just melt in your mouth. Rich creamy fillings with a solid contrast to its exterior. I suspect the ingredients are primary local, except for the liquor infused ones and the raspberry dark truffle. Whomever came to Phnom Penh and opened shop knew his or her chocolates well.

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