Restaurant Review: Isao

This was a rare recommendation from a friend. As the reader and adventurer of our group, I’m the one usually looking up new places to try. This one is now one of my favorites, a rare repeat spot for me.

Isao Sushi Restaurant is tucked away on Sukhumvit Soi 31 between two rather neoned-out restaurants. One is a pizzaria, which I will cover later. The other one, I never really paid attention since I hone in on the sushi when I go. Yes, I get that focused on this one.

Usually, when ordering sushi, I have my usual pieces I’ll get like salmon, eel, and tuna. I hate the labor intensive work of going through lists (yes, restaurants, this pseudo-foodie uses pictures) and ordering one by one. C’mon. As if arriving hungry wasn’t stress enough on my temperament. Granted, I am spoilt. My relatives run a Japanese restaurant and they knew my childhood favorites and would have them ready at a moment’s notice whenever I am visiting. Dining out in sushi places is a relative new practice for me.

Back to Isao. Isao’s biggest feature is their large selection of their own rolls. Their menu comes in categories. Tuna. California rolls. Signature. Crispy. Salmon. The rolls have been grouped in logical themes. Within each roll type there are variations around the central theme. Various types of tuna rolls and wraps. The rolls come in healthy portions, with all the ingredients wrapped. I have never had a ingredient that wasn’t fresh. Even in a busy roll, the distinct texture of salmon would still stand out. Whoever the chef is, s/he did the homework and tested which ingredients blended well together, how to mix the textures up, and give each bite the biggest bang for the baht. In other words, the chef has done the work of selection and combination and I just sit back and enjoy the meal.

Yes, it's smiling at you!

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