Restaurant Review: You & Mee

Located in the ground floor of the Hyatt Hotel, it’s a popular recommendation I give for our out-of-towners because of many of their fear of getting sick from the food. It’s easy to miss, though, set in a corner of a little maze of hallways, it sits on a slight platform of raised hardwood which always gives me a sense of stepping onto a stage every time I enter. There is no wall separating the dining area from the foot traffic, with only a cast iron railing, as if they were making a restaurant look like a large patio. Seats outside the store space are actually cast iron chairs with a matching glass-top table.

Food options: Buffet of a sampling selection of classic Thai dishes, a noodle bar, and a small dessert counter. A la carte, the focus is on noodles. I tried the dinner buffet once and found it underwhelming. In a city of native Thai cooking, the quality of the buffet was mediocre.

The absolute must-have: khao soi gai. Northern chicken curry noodle soup. The one Thai dish one eats with chopsticks as primary utensils vice the spoon and fork. A delicious blend of red curry paste, coconut milk, yellow noodles, and chicken. The serving size at You & Mee is huge. A boat of a bowl, really. And each time I manage to slurp the soup clean.

A worthy bargain for less than 200 baht, depending on which drink you order to supplement the dish.

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